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Data Center Audits

In 2011, ADVANT was the first in Slovenia to obtain the official certificate and accreditation of the US Uptime Institute for the TIER level assesments of Data Center availability.

We conduct assesments of the infrastructure of operating Data Centers (DATA CENTER AUDITS) in order to achieve three key objectives:

Save on monthly electricity costs!

Using specialized tools, we measure performance parameters and produce an energy efficiency study of the entire data center infrastructure and, if necessary, propose incremental steps to optimize operating costs with a focus on ROI. In addition, we can enable the user to obtain a Data Center Performance Certificate awarded by the European Commission under the Code of Conduct for Data Centers .

Reduce downtime!

Based on the Uptime Institute’s TIER classification methodology, we perform an evaluation of the data center infrastructure to evaluate the current TIER level. We suggest customers the necessary improvements to achieve the desired TIER level. If necessary, we can provide an official TIER data center level certificate (eg TIER 3 Certificate) based on Uptime Institute certification.

With this certification, Service Providers can demonstrate and prove to potential customers the appropriate degree of availability of their data center, based on TIER classification.

Increase protection to external vulnerabilities!

We asses Data Centers for the level of physical security, fire protection, vulnerability to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods and suggest possible improvements according to the user’s needs. If necessary, we can provide a certificated shelter room in accordance to EN1047-2.

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