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In collaboration with Lancom systems GmbH, Germany, ADVANT offers you a high-performance, high-quality, Wireless LAN Systems and product line that meets the needs of every user. The equipment is well suited for both business and academic institutions where it meets the high requirements of the globally expanded EDUROAM network.

Lancom Systems access points operate in accordance with European standard EN 60601-1-2 (medical electrical equipment), which allows them to be installed in hospitals and other medical facilities, as they do not interfere with sensitive medical equipment. In comparison, Lancom System access points emit a radio signal not exceeding 100mW, and mobile phones reach up to 20x more EM radiation (up to 2000mw). All indoor access points have a 3 year warranty with the option to extend to even a 5 years warranty!

Access points meet the prescribed technical requirements and are used by Slovenian educational institutions as part of the Eduroam International Federation of Educational Wireless Networks.

Lancom Systems GmbH offers several wireless access point controllers.

Common features of all devices:

  • Automatic detection, configuration and assignment of channels to access points
  • Centralized management and upgrade of access points Firmware
  • Remote management of access points in branches and remote sites
  • Supervision, high level of security and QoS
  • Extensive support for VLAN, RADIUS and 802.x / EAP features


Wireless access points with dual radio module

WiFi 3×3 IEEE 802.11acLANCOM L-1310acn dual and LANCOM L-1302acn dual

WiFi 2×2 IEEE 802.11acLANCOM L-822acn dual and LANCOM LN-830acn dual with elegant look

WiFi 3×3:2 IEEE 802.11acLANCOM L-630ac dual with elegant look


Wireless access points with a single radio module

WiFi 2×2 IEEE 802.11n LANCOM L-330agn dual and LANCOM L-322agn dual

WiFi 2×2 IEEE 802.11n LANCOM L-320agn and LANCOM L-321agn

WiFi IEEE 802.11n LANCOM L-151gn

Wireless access points with dual radio module

WiFi 2×2 IEEE 802.11ac LANCOM OAP-830 and LANCOM OAP-822

Wireless access points with a single radio module

WiFi 2×2 IEEE 802.11ac LANCOM OAP-821

Outdoor antennas

AirLancer ON-Q360ag

AirLancer ON-Q90ag and AirLancer ON-Q60ag

AirLancer ON-T360ag

AirLancer ON-T90ag and AirLancer ON-T60ag

AirLancer ON-D9a

AirLancer ON-360ag

AirLancer Extender O-30

AirLancer Extender O-18a

Indoor antennas

AirLancer IN-T180ag

AirLancer Extender I-60ag


Lancom systems also offers a large range of accessories for mounting, protecting and connecting external antennas.

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The offer includes:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

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