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Security and Protection

The security of digital data and documents is crucial to a successful business. The market offers an abundance of different methods of protecting the most important property from »external forces” (fire, water intrusion, earthquake, EM, vandalism). ADVANT offers many options, especially depending on the desired data capacity and customer’s budget.

SmartBunker, as its name implies, is a kind of “bunker” for your IT equipment. Fireproof for up to 120 minutes, protected from vandalism and water intrusion, in three different sizes (23U, 37U and 46U) combined with different modes and powers of built-in cooling systems (fans or active cooling of power from 2kW to 25kW), biometric access control, electronic lock, support legs (anti-vibration – optional wheels) and excellent WK3 safety door are features that convince you of its wide applicability in a variety of work environments.

SmartBunker is an extremely secure, plug & play protection for your servers. Its advantages are the highest level of security, mobility, cost-effectiveness and modularity:

  • It is built inside a robust, standardized 19 ” cabinet with 23U, 37U and 46U heights (the possibility of installing servers from all recognized manufacturers),
  • Ensures a high level of data security and constantly perfect environmental conditions for all IT equipment,
  • It is especially useful in indoor environments,
  • Its layout is quite simple,
  • Enables continuous, smooth operation of the company (ending the fear of accidents and mistakes)!
  • Cooling and power supply
  • 3kVA to 8kVA
  • 3kVA to 8kVA
  • RF 60 / RF fire resistance for 120 minutes (according to EN13501)
  • Water and dust protection IP65 (optional IP66)
  • Thermal protection
  • EM radiation protection EMI / RCI 22dB
  • Security door WK3
  • Anti-vibration support legs (optional: wheels)

Is SmartBunker the right solution for you?

SmartBunker is the right solution for all organizations and companies where the protection of digital data and documents is crucial to the functioning of the organization and where, due to rather small size of the organization or the volume of data, there is no need for major security solutions (eg Secure Data center shelter rooms according to EN1047-2). SmartShelter+ secure and modular Data Center room introduces a number of advantages in terms of security, fast setup and variety of physically secure data rooms. It offers you the best conditions for demanding IT equipment and exceptional data security (fire resistance according to EN-1047/2). Shelter rooms can be adapted to your existing infrastructure and are also available as turnkey solutions. Burglarproof Doors (WK4) are available in different dimensions. Setting up a SmartShelter+ data center room is extremely fast (pre-assembled components). They allow you to easily expand as your business needs grow.

Easy-to-deploy, prefabricated IT infrastructure packaged within a secure, weather proof, fire-rated, shipping container for remote or special applications.

SmartShelter Containers address the challenges of deploying datacenters in remote sites, industrial environments, and other locations where a dedicated building or space does not exist. Enable real-time processing and resolve latency and bandwidth issues by locating a datacenter closer to your operations. Benefit from the simplicity of an easy-to-deploy data center for a branch office, oil & gas site, mining operation, or forward operating military base.

  • Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system
  • Flexibility to change data center growth as customers demands change
  • Provide physical security to critical data
  • Realize revenue or production sooner by deploying quickly anywhere in the world
  • Deploy in remote areas with limited construction support.
  • Repurpose valuable space for core business

SmartShelter Containers contain the entire data center physical infrastructure, completely assembled and tested in a single ISO shipping container, and provide a value option for a prefabricated data center.

The most current All-in-One containers are:

  • ISO-Container 14kW, 4 Racks, 400V
  • ISO-Container 38kW, 5 Rack,s 400V
  • ISO-Container 48kW, 12 Racks, 400V
  • ISO-Container 90kW, 12 Racks, 400V

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The offer includes:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

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