Building Automation

Building automation systems provide safe, automated, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly business or private buildings and spaces.

Traditionally, these systems are usually set up separately – with their own hardware and software, installations, comissioning, service, maintenance, management and training. This approach to building system management has been abandoned over the last years. It is replaced by integrated building management and control systems (Building Management Systems, BMS).

For years ADVANT’s Building Automation Division has been successfully installing and maintaining complete building management and control solutions to manage all vital systems related to a comfortable, energy- efficient and secure stay.

ADVANTages? Simplified use, faster response, increased security, reduced costs, calmer sleep.

Operating and protecting business and private facilities can be a huge burden on your budget. Take control of protection, operation and power consumption of your office building or a private facility (the first step is to contact us) – the availability of modern management systems and controls which ensure that your facility become more energy efficient, more comfortable and safe. Call us today to reduce your operating costs, increase energy efficiency and comfort.

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The offer includes:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

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