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Data Center Cooling

One of the most complex and challenging data center infrastructure part are air conditioning systems. In addition to ICT equipment, the cooling system is also the largest energy consumer and thus has a decisive influence on the PUE factor. Choosing the right solution is also complicated by the fact that the data center must be designed to reach at least 15 years life time, and in the meantime 3-4 generations of servers and other ICT equipment will change.

Our ADVANTage is that we combine a team of experts from both IT and Air Conditioning field. Many years of experience enable us to design for our customers modern cooling systems on the highest technical level, providing required availability, low energy consumption and thus an optimal TCO, extended by the implementation of so-called Closed Containment Systems.

The design of a Data Center Cooling System as a long-term investment requires knowledge of modern ICT equipment and trends for the coming years. More than 99% of the electricity consumed by servers and networking equipment is converted to waste heat. The servers we use in modern Data Centers are different and, depending on the type, need different air flow per kW of power to cool them. This is an essential element in sizing a cooling system – to provide a sufficient amount of cooled air.

In this regard, computer simulation is essential in the design. It must demonstrate that the intended cooling system provides sufficient air supply to all rack, depending on the equipment contained in them or depending on the required airflow of each rack.

Over the years, many data centers around the world have been oversized. Analysts had expected that the density of the equipment would reach 25-40kW per rack cabinet. With the exception of the research environment, this has not been the case in most business environments. Typical loads are between 5 and 11kW per rack cabinet. Nevertheless, as with other data center infrastructure systems, a modular design must be envisaged in the case of cooling, which will be able to adapt over the years to the upcoming changes in ICT equipment. The most commonly used data center airconditioning technologies are InRow (placed in a row bewteen racks) with close coupled cooling and Room Cooling (so called CRACs) with air distribution below the raised floor.

You can learn more about our data center cooling solutions by clicking here.

ADVANT is proud to be the only official partner and authorized service center for UNIFLAIR air conditioning systems in Slovenia, which have been a part of Schneider Electric’s comprehensive data center infrastructure portfolio since 2010.

We offer to our customers the following:

  • The consultancy for designing reliable and energy efficient Data Center Cooling System
  • Installation and commissioning of UNIFLAIR /Schneider Electric Cooling Systems
  • Maintenance and Servicing by certified Field Service Engineers from UNIFLAIR /Schneider Electric
  • Original spare parts
  • Technical assistance 24/7

Since 1998, ADVANT has been a partner of the leading global manufacturer of Data Center infrastructure SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. We are proud to have the highest possible status with the vendor: ELITE DATA CENTER PARTNER, which is a proof of the continuous training and high level skills of our engineers. In addition, ADVANT has also the status of a SERVICE PARTNER of Schneider Electric, which means that we provide installation, commissioning and maintenance services for APC in Slovenia and abroad. ADVANT is a close partner of Schneider Electric for the entire Data Center Infrastructure portfolio (Power Systems, UPSes, Cooling Systems, Racks, Raised Floor, DCIM, Prefabricated Data Centers, Shelter Rooms,…).

You can read more about UNIFLAIR / SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC cooling systems here.

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The offer includes:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

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