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Uniflair Cooling Systems

UNIFLAIR is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision air-conditioning systems and Modular Access Raised Floors for data centers, hotels, office environments and healthcare. With its acquisition, UNIFLAIR has become part of the global SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Corporation and continue to satisfy customers in over 80 countries on all five continents worldwide. ADVANT has thus become an Authorised Partner for the entire range of UNIFLAIR air conditioning systems and Modular Access Floors, including original spare parts for the maintenance of existing systems in Slovenia.

Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers provide the most efficient solution for large data center environments and afford placement flexibility. All of Schneider Electric’s Aquaflair Chillers offer low noise impact through the use of large air side exchangers, controlling fan rotation, and compressor insulation and housing. Our advanced controls system constantly monitors set points to guarantee the unit always operates within operating limits and will signal any faults before breakdown occurs. These chillers support a wide range of applications and maximize the availability of Row and Room cooling products to provide a complete heat removal solution.

The components of the system represent excellent technologies themselves, such as Free Cooling, Integrated automatic power switching (ATS) switches, spiral, screw and oil-free compressors. Variable speed technologies with advanced microprocessor control of compressors, fans and pumps are used.

Uniflair SP systems are split systems, meaning the evaporator and condenser are installed separately. The evaporator unit is designed to be installed on the ceiling or wall, while the condenser portion of the unit is mounted outside. Designed for ease of service, a different access is given for the electrical board, mechanical compartment, and fans. This means that calibration and servicing can be carried out safely. These units are available in free cooling configuration, when activated enables the use of outside air to help cool the IT environment.

Wall-mounted units are used for outdoor installation for mission critical applications. The Uniflair WM is a completely self-contained cooling unit, meaning there is no need for a remote heat exchanger. These rapidly deployable units only require simple elctrical wiring and mounting to the container or shelter. Available in a free cooling configuration, these units come equipped with motorized dampers to enable use of outside air to help cool the IT space.

This range of cooling units is used for perimeter cooling for medium and large data center environments. Uniflair LE are leading edge precision cooling solutions specifically designed to maintain temperature and humidity within extremely tight tolerances. Perfect for racked and non-racked IT loads, these units meet the diverse requirements of any data center environment. When combined with hot or cold aisle containment solutions, the Uniflair LE products can further improve efficiency and achieve higher densities.

One of the most commonly used technology for cooling technology spaces and data centers is integrated in-row cooling. As the name tells us, air conditioners are installed in rows between cabinets. The solution is based on the already known philosophy of dividing the data center into hot and cold aisles. The essential difference with conventional cooling modes is the positioning of the cooling units. In fact, hot air is discharged where it is produced – directly next to the rack cabinets in the hot aisle and throughout the cabinet height. The cooled air is transferred to the cold aisle. This also allows the air to flow horizontally, which corresponds to the direction of proper airflow for cooling servers and most other computer equipment. The In-Row system gives us a high degree of redundancy in the cooling system.

  • InRow cooling has the effect of increasing the amount of power that can be redirected to power IT equipment.
  • InRow cooling is 30% more efficient than conventional air conditioning with CRAC units.
  • InRow cooling makes the most savings from the way fans work.
  • The InRow system does not dehumidify the air during operation.
  • Controlled cooling of IT equipment (eliminates mixing of cold and hot air)
  • Improved cooling of IT equipment (higher cooling power, zero or minimal dehumidification)
  • Flexible and upgradeable solution (insulates hot spots without overcooling, layout is space independent)
  • Increased data center usability (possible higher rack power, less demanding infrastructure, raised floor is not a mandatory solution)

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